Knitting, 2018

Well, I am not a very crafty person, though I have tried my hand in several different things over the years such as:

making jewelry
writing a novel
creating websites/logos
blog templates

I have even tried my hand at crocheting, something I am just now relearning how to do & this time really doing it correctly lol!

Anyway-let me get to the point…..while I was visiting my daughter in Portland-we had a lot of time where we were just sitting around….since she just had a baby. She had started knitting and she showed me how to do it…I only know the one stitch but I came home from my trip and just have been knitting away like crazy. I have not gotten the totally hang of getting the item off and completing the project (that is my stumbling block right now) but I am working hard at improving my skills.

The youngest really loves being the test subject for scarves and hats at the moment :)